Dr. Panagiotis Drouvelis


Former group member.

Mail: Panagiotis.Drouvelis at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

Research Interests

  • Computational Neuroscience

  • High Performance Computing

  • Image and object processing methods for large-scale image datasets

  • Spectral analysis

  • Shape segmentation

  • Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy (SBFSEM) imaging

Selected Publications

Computational Neuroscience:

  • Panos Drouvelis, Thorben Kurz, Bert Sakmann, Stefan Lang Neurostruct: A Toolkit for the Precise and Reliable Large-Scale Reconstruction of Dendritic Spines from Biocytin filled Neurons from Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy. to be submitted.

High Performance Computing:

  • Stefan Lang, Panos Drouvelis, Enkelejda Tafaj, Peter Bastian, Bert Sakmann Fast extraction of neuron morphologies from large-scale SBFSEM image stacks. Journal of Computational Neuroscience (2011) [URL]

  • Panos Drouvelis, P Schmelcher, P Bastian Parallel implementation of the recursive Green’s function method. Journal of Computational Physics , vol. 215(2) pp. 741-756 (2006) [URL]

Spectral Analysis:

  • D Buchholz, Panos Drouvelis, P Schmelcher Tunable transmission via quantum state evolution in oval quantum dots. Europhysics Letters, vol. 81 article: 37001 (2008) [URL]

  • Panos Drouvelis, P Schmelcher, FK Diakonos Probing the shape of quantum dots with magnetic fields. Physical Review B, vol. 69 article: 155312 (2004) [URL]

  • Panos Drouvelis, P Schmelcher, FK Diakonos Effects of anisotropy and magnetic fields on two-electron parabolic quantum dots. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, vol. 16(21) pp. 3633-3646 (2004) [URL]

  • Panos Drouvelis, P Schmelcher, FK Diakonos Global view on the electronic properties of two-electron anisotropic quantum dots. Physical Review B, vol. 69 article: 035333 (2004) [URL]

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