Fundamentals of Computational Environmental Physics

Fundamentals of Computational Environmental Physics
Term: Winter Term 2020/21
Lecturer: Kurt Roth and Peter Bastian
Time and location: Lecture: Di 14-16; Fr 9-11, Exercise: Fr 14-16, Computer Pool 3rd floor Mathematikon
Exam: tba

Lecture Contents and Material

This lecture is about modelling and simulation in evironmental physics with an emphasis on groundwater flow as well as passive and active transport. It is given in three tracks:

  • Lectures on modelling given by Prof. Kurt Roth
  • Lectures on simulation methods by Prof. Peter Bastian
  • Practical exercises and computer simulations

In order to see the contents of the simulation part you can have a look into the lecture notes.

Software Installation using Docker

Henrik Reinstädtler has provided some instructions in a zip file for installing the DUNE and funcep software in a docker container. Many thanks!

Download and unpack the archive (preferably in a directory). Then there will be a with the instructions.

Moodle Inscription

Go to the (moodle page for this course).

There you can inscribe yourself with the key: Funcep2020

Online Concept of the Lecture

The material and all other information for this lecture will be provided via a (moodle page for this course).

Videos will be also uploaded to Mampf.

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