Ole Klein


Former group member.

Mail: ole.klein at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

Research Interests

  • Large-Scale Bayesian Inversion and Data Assimilation Techniques
  • Simulation of Flow and Transport in Porous Media
  • Uncertainty Quantification and Uncertainty Visualization
  • High Performance Computing and Scientific Software Development


Developer and maintainer of the following open-source software packages:

  • dune-randomfield, a Gaussian random field generator for large-scale applications
  • dune-nonlinopt, an efficient and robust general-purpose nonlinear optimization package
  • enSample, an implementation of the t-walk and ensemble Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)

Lecture Notes

Modern C++ Programming Techniques for Scientific Computing

Einführung in die Numerik


Winter 2021: Einführung in die Numerik

Winter 2021: Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Computing (OOPFSC)

Winter 2020: Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Computing (OOPFSC)

Winter 2020: Programmierkurs (IPK)

Summer 2018: Einführung in die Numerik

Summer 2018: Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Computing (OOPFSC)

Winter 2017: Programmierkurs (IPK), together with Steffen Müthing

Summer 2017: Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Computing (OOPFSC)

Summer 2015: Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Computing (OOPFSC)

Summer 2014: Objektorientiertes Programmieren im Wissenschaftlichen Rechnen


  • L. Riedel, S. Ospina De Los Ríos, D. Häfner, O. Klein: DORiE: A Discontinuous Galerkin Solver for Soil Water Flow and Passive Solute Transport Based on DUNE, Journal of Open Source Software, volume 5, issue 52, 2313, 2020, (link)
  • K. Hanser, O. Klein, B. Rieck, B. Wiebe, T. Selz, M. Piatkowski, A. Sagristà, B. Zheng, M. Lukácová-Medvidová, G. Craig, H. Leitte, F. Sadlo: Visualization of Parameter Sensitivity of 2D Time-Dependent Flow, International Symposium on Visual Computing, 359–370, 2018, (link)
  • H. Bauser, D. Berg, O. Klein, K. Roth: Inflation method for ensemble Kalman filter in soil hydrology, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, volume 22, issue 9, 4921–4934, 2018, Copernicus, (link)
  • O. Klein, O.A. Cirpka, P. Bastian, O. Ippisch: Efficient Geostatistical Inversion of Transient Groundwater Flow using Preconditioned Nonlinear Conjugate Gradients, Advances in Water Resources, volume 102, 161–177, 2017, Elsevier (link)
  • O. Klein: Preconditioned and Randomized Methods for Efficient Bayesian Inversion of Large Data Sets and their Application to Flow and Transport in Porous Media, PhD Thesis, 2016, Heidelberg University (link)
  • J. Mohring, R. Milk, A. Ngo, O. Klein, O. Iliev, M. Ohlberger, P. Bastian: Uncertainty Quantification for Porous Media Flow Using Multilevel Monte Carlo, International Conference on Large-Scale Scientific Computing, 145–152, 2015, Springer (link)
  • O.A. Cirpka, C. Leven, R. Schwede, K. Doro, P. Bastian, O. Ippisch, O. Klein, A. Patzelt: Tomographic Methods in Hydrogeology, GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Science Report No. 21, 157–176, 2014, Springer (link)
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