Parallel Solution of Large Linear Systems

Parallel Solution of Large Linear Systems
Term: Summer Term 2018
Lecturer: Peter Bastian
Time and location: Mi 11-13, INF 205/SR 11; Fr 09-11, INF 205/SR 11
Exam: to be announced

This lecture gives an introduction to domain decomposition and multigrid methods. It covers the theory based on subspace decomposition and is structured as follows:

-Parallelization of classical linear iterative methods -Overlapping domain decomposition methods, Schwarz methods -Multigrid methods -Non-overlapping domain decomposition methods

Lecture Material

Lecture notes for this course (16.04.2018)

Book on domain decomposition methods by Dolean, Jolivet and Nataf


Registration for the exercises via MUESLI

The Pool SW2 in INF 205 3rd floor is reserved Thursday 14-16.

Exceptions: On Apr 26 (first exercise) and May 17 it will start at 16.

DUNE installation

On the CIP pool, all necessary software is provided.

You may try to install the DUNE software on your own computer using the script.

On Ubuntu, Debian and related systems, this requires the following packages:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libtool libopenmpi-dev openmpi-bin libsuperlu-dev gfortran libsuitesparse-dev git paraview gmsh

Remote access to CIP pool

Outside the university network (e.g. eduroam), the following procedures require VPN. Refer to the URZ website for VPN setup.

For remote access via ssh:


Most file managers on Linux support accessing file systems via ssh. This may be a convenient option if you prefer using graphical text editors. For example, in Ubuntu’s file manager, click “connect to server” and enter


Excercise Material

Sheet 00

Sheet 01

Sheet 02

Sheet 03

Sheet 04

Sheet 05

Sheet 06

Sheet 07

Sheet 08

Sheet 09

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